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        Eu-ray is the European association of the hydronic surface heating and cooling industry. Leading companies and national associations of the sector join Eu-ray (click here to reach the member list).

Since September 2013 Eu-ray is under the umbrella of EHI, the association of the European Heating Industry. The hydronic surface heating and cooling sector is now organized in a new EHI department to cover all kinds of systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Its main task is to shape the development and implementation of relevant European policies and standards aiming to ensure favourable framework conditions for surface heating and cooling solutions.

For further information please contact the head office of Eu-ray:   Walter Hilfiker, Seestrasse 40, CH-8802 Kilchberg
T +41 44 715 27 60 Fax +41 44 715 27 50 e-mail:
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